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Giuseppe Forenza

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Satellite Intelligence for proactive monitoring of the territory: the Rheticus Safeland service
Giuseppe Forenza, Alessandra Bleve

Ground instability can cause severe damage to infrastructure and the environment. Falling rocks can destroy roads, pipes, and buildings and even endanger citizens. In recent years, a continuous increase in the intensity and frequency of ground stability phenomena has been observed, with a clear relationship to human activity and climate change.
Advanced technological solutions for monitoring and forecasting instability offer the opportunity to prevent disasters by monitoring ground movement phenomena to detect potential hazards in time.
Rheticus Safeland is the wide-area continuous monitoring service designed to enable agencies to effectively collect, visualize and monitor land instability for better management and planning of soil protection activities.
The Rheticus Safeland service is used in various sectors, from utilities to road infrastructures to Public Administrations, which, thanks to this product, can observe vast areas such as Regions or Districts.
Rheticus Safeland's in-depth analysis comprehensively traces any ground movement and slope instability in the area of interest. This timely information provides valuable assistance in planning campaigns to prevent and mitigate land instability risks.
In Italy, the Geological Service of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region monitors and prevents risks from hydrogeological instability phenomena, using information from Rheticus Safeland.
The mountainous areas of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region are particularly susceptible to geological hazards, including landslides and sinkholes. They are prone to slope instability and sites of geological weakness, such as fault zones, shear zones, and weak rock or mineral strata. The region, therefore, needed, on the one hand, a solution to continuously collect, visualize and analyze data on unstable areas. On the other hand, it needed to monitor ground movement affecting buildings and roads to protect citizens from danger and avoid increased costs and delays in new developments.
To help the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, Planetek developed RheticusĀ® Safeland, a vertical geoinformation service that continuously tracks ground movements via satellite radar interferometry. Satellite radar data are a reliable source of information. They are ideal for this task because they are readily available, continuously updated, and allow users to identify trends in ground movements with pinpoint accuracy.

Rheticus Safeland has enabled the Geological Survey to collect and provide detailed information for buildings and transport infrastructure, allowing engineers, planners, and other users to analyze ground movement phenomena over time with great accuracy. The comprehensive picture provided by the Rheticus Safeland service gives planners the knowledge to prioritize risk mitigation measures, make better decisions and proactively avoid critical issues that arise when ongoing phenomena are not fully understood.
The Rheticus service platform was awarded the World Smart City Award because it made satellite information accessible to everyone. Users do not need any knowledge or experience with satellite radar data, interferometry, or GIS applications. Interpreting this data usually requires considerable technical expertise, and the results can be difficult for non-experts to understand.

Rheticus Safeland has solved this problem by simplifying the complex information gathered from the analysis of radar data. Clear studies and an intuitive dashboard interface combine maps, reports, and dynamic geo-analysis into one intelligent application that provides valuable information.
Complex, multi-source data is automatically processed by the platform, so users can focus on what they do best: observing, tracking, and managing the territory to ensure the safety of people and assets. With Rheticus Safeland, these users get an accurate and complete territory overview with timely updates and dynamic analysis. After implementation, the Geological Survey of the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia significantly reduced the time and costs associated with traditional land image collection and ongoing software development.

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