FOSS4G Europe 2024 workshops

Building Spatial APIs in PostgreSQL with PostgREST
07-01, 09:00–11:00 (Europe/Tallinn), Room 301

Spatial data has become an integral part of modern applications, enabling developers to create location-aware and geospatially enhanced services. This workshop aims to guide participants through the process of creating powerful Spatial APIs in PostgreSQL using the PostgREST framework. PostgreSQL, renowned for its extensibility and support for spatial data, combined with the simplicity and efficiency of PostgREST, provides a robust foundation for developing spatially-aware applications.

The workshop will cover fundamental concepts of spatial databases, delve into PostgreSQL's spatial capabilities, and demonstrate the seamless integration of PostgREST to expose spatial data as RESTful APIs. Participants will gain hands-on experience in designing and implementing spatial queries, leveraging PostGIS extensions, and configuring PostgREST to serve spatial data efficiently.

Workshop line out will be as follow :
- PostgreSQL and PostGIS Essentials
- PostgREST Overview
- Hands-On Implementation of creating existing as well as new spatial functions to be used in API
- Authentication for APIs based on PostgreSQL users


I'm krishna, I'm a web GIS Developer focusing on FOSS stack. I help my clients escape the trap of paying $$$ every month for technologies, that are available for free using FOSS.
Apart from development, I also do lot of content creation at related to GIS

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