FOSS4G Europe 2024 workshops

High performant & large-scale geospatial visualisation using MapLibre and Deck.GL (with React)
07-02, 16:00–18:00 (Europe/Tallinn), Room 327

This workshop is designed to teach you how to create highly performant, large-scale geospatial visualisations on the fly using Deck.GL and MapLibre as mapping libraries, in conjunction with React. We will delve into the various visualisation layers that can be generated using Deck.GL. Also, understand the difference in performance with and without along with data processing using GPU and CPU.

We will explore several key topics in our workshop, including:

  • Setting up a local development environment and integrating Storybook with React.

  • Installing essential packages such as and Maplibre.

  • Understanding the necessity of in conjunction with Maplibre, and demonstrating the performance impact with and without

  • Engaging in hands-on coding to create various impressive visualisation layers, including Scatterplot, Heatmap, Hexagonal/Grid Screen, Animated Trip Layer, and more.

  • We will be using data sets ranging from 500K to 1.5 million data points to generate the visualisations on the fly.

  • Utilising both GPU and CPU for processing the dataset, and examining the differences in performance.

  • Applying real-life data sources and examples to comprehend the extent of practical use cases.

Pre-requirements - Install VSCode and node/npm.
Coding knowledge - Basic understanding of JavaScript/Nodejs, GIS and web tech.

I work as a Frontend Lead at Blue Sky Analytics, a climate-space tech startup dedicated to empowering the world's decision-makers with accurate, real-time, and standardized climate data.

My primary responsibility is to work on visualizing vast climate data such as forest fires, GHG emissions, water quantification, carbon sequestration, and more on the client side.

I also work with EOX as an open-source contributor for their multiple geospatial projects.

I have experience working with Maplibre, Mapbox, openlayers, turf, h3js, deckgl, react/lit etc. Spanning over 5+ years, I have been passionately assisting startups with frontend development.