FOSS4G Europe 2024 workshops

G3W-SUITE: the OS framework to publish and manage QGIS projects on the web
07-02, 14:00–18:00 (Europe/Tallinn), Room 301

G3W-SUITE is a modular, client-server application for managing and publishing interactive QGIS cartographic projects of various kinds in a totally independent, simple and fast way.

The application is compatible with QGIS LTR version and it is based on strong integration with the QGIS API.

Description max 500 words
The workshop allows you to learn how to install, initialize and activate the various features of the suite.
The aim of the session is to transform a QGIS project into a web cartographic management software dedicated to online editing.

The following topics will be covered in the workshop:
* installation and configuration of G3W-SUITE on a Ubuntu LTS server;
* from QGIS desktop to G3W-SUITE
* overview of the suite features, widgets and capabilities
* creation of users and definition of roles (Admin, Manager, Viewer ...)
* creation of thematic containers and functional association with users
* publication and management of a QGIS project as WebGis service
* function settings related to individual layers: searches, downloads ...
* introduction to web geo-editing suite capabilities
* creation of geographic and alphanumeric constraints (visualization and editing) based on individual users
* view interactive graphs created with the QGIS Data Plotly plugin on webgis
* QGSI ProcessingAPI integration to to use QGIS geographic analysis models on the web

G3W-SUITE is released on GitHub with Mozilla Public Licence 2.0

G3W-SUITE server side development manager
Django and Python developer