FOSS4G Europe 2024 workshops

Practical data versioning with Kart
07-01, 11:00–13:00 (Europe/Tallinn), Room 202

Kart is a powerful cross-platform version control system for geospatial datasets: vectors, rasters, tables, and point clouds; built to enable collaboration. The workshop will introduce you to Kart and walk through its key functionality so you're ready to use it on your next project.

Designed to enable collaboration and cross-vendor workflows, Kart is built on the power of Git. Working copies are common GIS files and spatial databases, so you can edit data directly in GIS software without plugins.

We'll be creating new repositories by importing open data sets; editing and committing data changes; reviewing history; cloning & pushing datasets; using and understanding different working copy formats; performing branching and merging; using the Kart QGIS plugin; building repositories over existing Raster & Point Cloud data; and collaborating with other users.

We’re drowning in data, but the geospatial world lags badly behind in versioning tools compared to our software counterparts. Kart is solving this with a practical open tool for versioning datasets, enabling you to work more efficiently and collaborate better.

Kart allows you to quickly and easily manage history, branches, data schemas, and synchronisation for large & small datasets between different working copy formats, operating systems, and software ecosystems. Modern version control unlocks efficient collaboration, both within teams and across organisations meaning everyone stays on the same page, you can review and trace changes easily: ultimately using your time more efficiently.

The workshop is the perfect practical introduction to Kart, and you'll walk away being ready to use it in your day-to-day projects. To participate, no experience with Kart, Git or other version control systems is required, but a basic knowledge of GIS concepts and data formats is recommended. A Windows, macOS, or Linux computer that has QGIS installed and can install Kart is required.

Robert Coup is the head of technology of Koordinates and has been involved in open source geospatial for nearly twenty years. As well as Kart, he is also a contributor to GDAL and several other open source projects.