FOSS4G Europe 2024 workshops

Gérald Fenoy

He obtained a Master degree in Computer Science for University of Montpellier II. After graduation, he worked in a private company as a developer for Web-GIS application and PostGIS based system integration. He established his company GeoLabs, in 2006, and have done several projects in France and overseas. He's been actively developing and promoting OSGeo technologies. He is a regular participant and contributor to FOSS4G Conferences. He is working on implementing the ZOO-Project. On top of this processing engine, he implements a user interface to manage web applications and OGC web services called MapMint.


ZOO-Project - OGC API - Processes - Introduction
Rajat Shinde, Gérald Fenoy

The ZOO-Project will first be presented, along with details about the OGC API - Processes part 1: core. The participants will then learn how to set up the ZOO Kernel and to get an OGC API - Processes server running in a few simple steps. Some basic services will be presented to the attendees to give them the capability to reuse them later in their own application. Then, they will learn how to develop simple service using the Python language, through simple programming exercises. A ready to use client will be used to interact with the available OGC API - Processes services and the one to be developed. Participants will finally learn how to chain the existing services using the server-side Javascript ZOO-API.

Room 202