FOSS4G Europe 2024 workshops

Joana Simoes

Joana Simoes (she/her) is the Developer relations at OGC, taking the lead at connecting the standards with the wider developer community.
Joana has been working in the tech industry for more than fifteen years. After acquiring a PhD at UCL, her drive to solve real-world problems has led her to SMEs, an international organization and a start-up.
Joana has been very much involved in the Free and Open Source Software community, in particular in what concerns geospatial technologies.
Joana is the founder of ByteRoad, a SME in the field of data engineering and geospatial analytics.


Diving into pygeoapi
Tom Kralidis, Paul van Genuchten, Angelos Tzotsos, krishna lodha, Just van den Broecke, Joana Simoes, Luís M. de Sousa

pygeoapi is an OGC Reference Implementation supporting numerous OGC API specifications. This workshop will cover publishing geospatial data to the Web using pygeoapi in support of the suite of OGC API standards.

Room 246