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Hans van der Kwast

Hans van der Kwast is an Associate Professor in Open Science and Digital Innovation at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education and a QGIS certified trainer and developer. He runs his own company QWAST-GIS ( and shares free course materials on GIS OpenCourseWare ( He is a co-author of the book QGIS for Hydrological Applications ( and has a popular YouTube Channel ( He is also a board member of the Dutch QGIS User Group and a member of QCooperative.


Point Cloud Processing with QGIS
Hans van der Kwast

Point Cloud Processing with QGIS is a workshop that will teach you how to work with point cloud data in QGIS. You will discover how to use QGIS's new features for point cloud processing, such as native point cloud processing tools and 3D rendering. Besides tools in the QGIS Desktop user interface, you’ll learn how to use PDAL wrench. PDAL wrench is a collection of easy to use command line tools for processing point cloud data, integrated in the QGIS Processing framework. Most of the tools are multi-threaded, making good use of all available CPUs for fast processing. All tools are based on PDAL pipelines, but easier to use with commands that look similar to GDAL commands.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:
- Download and preprocess point cloud data from different sources, such as LiDAR, photogrammetry or drones
- Create digital surface models from point cloud data using different interpolation methods
- Explore point cloud data in 3D using the QGIS 3D view and customize its appearance and style
- Explore point cloud data using the Elevation Profile tool
- Apply filters to point cloud data to derive features
- Automate point cloud processing using PDAL wrench.

To participate in this workshop, you will need QGIS 3.34 Prizren, the latest version of QGIS that includes all the new point cloud processing features. You can download it from the official QGIS website or use the OSGeo4W installer. During the workshop you can use your own point cloud data or the open data that we will provide.

Room 327