FOSS4G-Asia 2023 Seoul

Empowering Local Communities: Enhancing OpenStreetMap Localization with OSM Localizer
11-29, 14:50–15:10 (Asia/Seoul), Seoul Archive

In community-sourced data platforms like OpenStreetMap (OSM), the significance of localizing map data transcends language—it's about fostering inclusivity, preserving cultural identity, and amplifying local voices on a global canvas. This talk explores the pivotal role of map data localization, focusing on the inspiring context of OSM Nepal, and introducing OSMLocalizer as a game-changing solution.

Localization breathes life into maps, making them relatable and accessible to diverse communities. At the heart of this concept lies OSM Nepal's campaign to localize place names, which exemplifies the essence of this endeavor. However, the process posed challenges as there were no dedicated tools specifically designed for map data localization. Contributors had to rely on existing tools like MapRoulette, causing inefficiency as they had to juggle multiple tabs between editing tools, Project Management, and translation engines. Here, OSMLocalizer emerges as the beacon of efficiency and integration.

OSMLocalizer's approach is simple yet revolutionary. With a built-in editor, contributors can seamlessly edit and localize map features within the same interface, eliminating the need to switch tabs. Further streamlining the process, OSMLocalizer integrates translation engine APIs, making translations accessible within the tool. This holistic approach transforms map data localization from a tedious chore to an engaging and intuitive experience.

The context of OSM Nepal accentuates the relevance of such a tool. As contributors passionately pursued localized place names, OSMLocalizer bridged the gap between editing, translation, and seamless contributions. This talk will present OSMLocalizer as a catalyst for efficient and community-centered map data localization.

In a world where maps connect people and places, this presentation delves into the heart of map data localization and its profound impact. By weaving OSM Nepal's narrative into the equation and introducing OSMLocalizer's innovation, we aim to inspire a new era of map contributions that resonate deeply with local communities worldwide.

Self-taught programming and machine learning enthusiast with a Bachelor's degree in Physics from Tribhuvan University. I'm passionate about open-source software and data.

Since 2021, I've been working at Kathmandu Living Labs as software developer. Currently i am working as a maintainer of the HOT Tasking Manager for about 2 years.