FOSS4G-Asia 2023 Seoul

Geoserver Styling Guide
11-29, 14:30–14:50 (Asia/Seoul), Seoul Archive

In this talk we discover various aspects of styling in Geoserver. It allows us to style using various languages such as SLD, YSLD, CSS, etc. along with ability to create style using no-code way ( Geostyler ) .
In this talk we explore how to style Point, LineString, Polygon, Rasters. We'll cover following tasks
1. Attribute based Styling
2. Zoom based Styling
3. Variable Styling
4. Labelling and it's optimisation
5. Legends


I'm krishna, I'm a web GIS Developer focusing on FOSS stack. I help my clients escape the trap of paying $$$ every month for technologies, that are available for free using FOSS.
Apart from development, I also do lot of content creation at related to GIS

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