FOSS4G-Asia 2023 Seoul

Making A Realtime Interoperable Open-data Stack for Transit
11-30, 10:20–10:40 (Asia/Seoul), Circle Room

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro) is creating an API based on open technologies and would like to share our learnings and how to replicate our work flow. We will discuss the current technology stack, (FastAPI, Python, docker, Github Actions, and postgresql). The only closed source portion is the usage of AWS Lightsail to deploy our docker image. The key takeaways from this talk will be the following: 1) what was done with open source tools 2) how to replicate the technology stack 3) lessons learned/how to improve for the future.

Albert Kochaphum is a maptivist passionate about open source and environmental sustainability. He works full time as a Digital Communications Administrator at Metro Los Angeles and teaches web development at UCLA once a quarter.

Nina Kin is an advocate for better technology practices within government.