FOSS4G-Asia 2023 Seoul

Automate Testing on Web Map Application with Cypress
11-30, 13:50–14:10 (Asia/Seoul), Vium Hall

Testing is one of the stages in software development. It is a process to identify errors that may occur in the system, ensuring that the developed software is correct, secure, of high quality, and efficient. This involves checking various aspects such as the user interface, APIs, business logic, data, as well as the integration of different functions to ensure proper alignment and compliance. This is crucial to instill confidence that the tested system will have minimal errors. Developers must conduct testing before deploying a system, whether it's a small feature, a mobile application, a machine, or various types of software, including web mapping.

In this presentation, we will explore a testing process specifically for web applications, which is the most popular approach for creating applications that can be used on both computers and mobile devices. This aims to ensure that users can comprehend the information being conveyed, especially in the context of online maps, involving location and map data to be presented on a website. The essential task is to establish a systematic testing process that aligns with the designed functionalities.

Testing the system involves not only manual processes but also technology frameworks that enable us to create automated test scripts. These scripts repeat tests on various functions within the web application, such as invoking the web application, navigating between pages, entering text, clicking buttons, and performing actions related to maps, such as setting zoom levels, panning, and toggling layers. This testing will be presented using an Automated Test Script Framework, which will guide further development and enhancement of testing for online web map applications, ensuring efficiency and maximum accuracy.

This is an interesting area of applying application testing processes to online web map applications, inviting those interested in enhancing and ensuring the accuracy of these applications to participate. The presentation will outline the steps of creating a testing process using Automated Test Scripts and encourage interested individuals to collaborate and further develop the testing process in this session.

Software QA and Tester , I-bitz company limited (Thailand)