FOSS4G-Asia 2023 Seoul

Open Source Tools for Handling OGC IndoorGML
12-01, 10:00–10:20 (Asia/Seoul), Circle Room

As spatial data in indoor space is quite different from outdoor space, building and processing indoor spatial data significantly differ from outdoor spatial data. In order to meet the demand for indoor spatial information, OGC has published a standard for indoor spatial information, called OGC IndoorGML, which is a standard data model and encoding schema. Accordingly, we need software and tools supporting indoor spatial data in IndoorGML. In this talk, we will introduce several open source software supporting OGC IndoorGML, which cover the lifecycle of spatial data from building indoor spatial data to applications. Several use-cases will be presented to explain how to apply these tools for specific projects.

He is working at Pusan National University since 1993 and serving as the chair of OGC IndoorGML standard working group.