FOSS4G-Asia 2023 Seoul

Building Resilient Communities in Asia: Harnessing Open Data and Open Source Tools in Addressing Sustainable Development Goals
12-01, 13:50–14:10 (Asia/Seoul), Seoul Archive

This talk considers the contributions of YouthMappers chapters in Asia. In addition to a regional overview, we highlight actions of students in Bangladesh and the Philippines to fill critical data gaps that support community access to information during emergencies, natural disasters, and pandemics using open data such as OpenStreetMap and open source tools like QGIS. Lack of data leads to poor decision-making at any time, but in the context of shocks and hazards, it can have an especially profound impact on local communities. By creating open geospatial data through OSM and by advancing the geospatial capacity of university students and local community members, local governing bodies will be able to plan for the well-being of their constituents and community members will have access to the information necessary to keep their families safe. This contributes to better health and well-being (SDG3)and a more resilient society in the face of impacts of climate change (SDG 13).

Feye is a Geospatial Analyst based in the Philippines. She has been an active volunteer with OpenStreetMap-Philippines since 2013. Through her extensive involvement, she has honed her expertise in teaching diverse stakeholders how to effectively use OpenStreetMap and open mapping tools. Recognized for her leadership and expertise, Feye serves as a Regional Ambassador of YouthMappers since 2020. In this capacity, she actively supports student organizations, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among aspiring young mappers.

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