FOSS4G-Asia 2023 Seoul

Empowering Earth Observation Tasks with STAC and Leafmap: A Hands-On Workshop
11-28, 09:30–13:30 (Asia/Seoul), Taepyeong Hall

In the era of cloud computing, it is important to have a good understanding of cloud-optimized geospatial technologies in order to carry out earth observation tasks effectively. This workshop, led by SI Analytics' experienced engineers, will provide valuable insights about the current status of cloud-native earth observation technologies.

During the workshop, we will delve into the details of cloud-optimized GeoTIFF (COG), spatio-temporal asset catalog (STAC), TiTiler, and Leafmap. These technologies have the potential to simplify earth observation workflows and make them more efficient. Specifically, we will cover the efficient storage and access of earth observation data using COG and STAC, dynamic tiling using TiTiler, and interactive map visualization using Leafmap.

This workshop is designed for researchers and engineers who are interested in improving their earth observation tasks by using cloud-native geospatial tools. While a basic understanding of Python programming, remote sensing, and GIS is assumed, attendees will have the opportunity to learn and enhance their skills throughout the workshop.

Sangwoo Ham is a GIS Engineer in the GeoAI platform division at SI Analytics, located in Daejeon, Korea. He is primarily interested in developing geospatial content to provide valuable Earth Observation insights to customers. He believes that utilizing cloud-native geospatial technology and data engineering can help solve various Earth Observation problems.