FOSS4G-Asia 2023 Seoul

Utilising Cloud-Optimised GeoTIFF and PostGIS for mapping India's rural areas
11-29, 14:50–15:10 (Asia/Seoul), Taepyeong Hall

Of India's 1.4 billion people, 64.3% live in rural areas. Under the Svamitva Scheme (, the Govt. of India has set up an ambitious target to map India's 568k villages using drones. Based on the orthomosaics prepared from the drone surveys, the government is going to distribute property cards to India's millions of rural residents. Aereo (previously Aarav Unmanned Systems Private Limited is playing a pivotal role in implementation of this scheme, having completed drone surveys for more than 60k villages. The Aereo Cloud platform allows for scalable orthomosaic generation, QC and digitization using the open-source PostGIS database and the Cloud Optimised GeoTIFF format. Building Aereo Cloud using open-source technologies such as PostGIS, COG, geodjango and gdal has allowed Aereo Cloud to build scalable, robust and secure solutions for drone-based mapping quickly as per market demand.

Lead, Platform at Aereo (previously Aarav Unmanned Systems). Leading a team of rockstar GIS developers, product managers and designers to develop Aereo Cloud, a cutting-edge WebGIS platform. Experienced in application of drone imagery for GIS-oriented use-cases.