FOSS4G-Asia 2023 Seoul

Scan to BIM in 3D GIS
11-29, 14:30–14:50 (Asia/Seoul), Circle Room

This presentation introduces Scan data to Building Information Modeling (BIM) in 3D Geographic Information System (GIS). The focus of the methodology is on automatically generating building mass and facade infor-mation on the GIS platform using 3D Point Cloud Data (PCD). Advanced scanning techniques capture detailed geometry from the physical site and generate high-resolution point clouds, which are processed to create 3D models for GIS integration.

I'm Engineer and Researcher, Taewook Kang who majored in Construction Engineering (Ph.D) and Software Engineering (Master's). I'm very interested in creating small but continuous social value through the convergence of both fields. To this, I'm collaborating with research activities related to construction IT convergence such as writing specialized books related to construction IT technology including BIM (Building Information Modeling), Internet Podcast broadcasting, article contribution.