FOSS4G-Asia 2023 Seoul

Concept design of interoperability of military and civilian-based on Google Earth Engine (GEE) in the Malacca Strait region
11-29, 16:00–16:20 (Asia/Seoul), Circle Room

The Malacca Strait region is a strategically crucial maritime chokepoint between Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, and North America. This makes it a frequent area of cross-border criminal activity, illegal trade, and ship piracy. In recent years, piracy in the Straits of Malacca has increased significantly. To address this problem, it is necessary to strengthen security activities through military-civilian joint operations using geospatial open-source data.

This study proposes a concept for military-civilian interoperability based on geospatial open-source data to support defense systems in the Straits of Malacca region. The study uses a literature review of military and civilian interoperability and examines the use of GEE (Google Earth Engine) for maritime surveillance.

GEE is a cloud-based platform that provides access to a massive library of satellite imagery, weather data, and other geospatial data. This data can be used to track the movement of ships, identify potential threats, and plan security operations.

I currently teach GIS and remote sensing courses at the Defense University of the Republic of Indonesia. In the future, I have an obsession, that my students can use, manage and process geospatial data openly, which is getting more and more.