FOSS4G-Asia 2023 Seoul

Community Mapping in North Nashville, TN: Navigating the Divide to Enhance Food Access in Underserved Areas
11-29, 13:30–13:50 (Asia/Seoul), Online Talks

North Nashville, historically marginalized, faces pronounced health disparities, especially in hypertension and diabetes. Socioeconomic factors intensify these health challenges, with food accessibility emerging as a pivotal determinant. This FOSS4G 2023 presentation underscores the role of community mapping in addressing these disparities.

While food accessibility—defined by the availability and affordability of nutritious options—shapes community health, traditional USDA methods, like food desert mapping, might not fully encapsulate challenges in areas like North Nashville.

Our solution is the North Nashville Community Mapping Project, a participatory initiative leveraging QGIS and Google Maps, local insights, and community engagement. This project, detailed at, integrates geospatial data with community feedback, offering a holistic view of North Nashville's food landscape. Conducted on April 15th, 2023, participants engaged in mapping, workshops, and surveys.

The data will guide strategies to enhance food accessibility and health in North Nashville. In essence, we aim to spotlight community mapping's potential in mitigating health disparities and championing health equity in marginalized regions.

Dr. Im, Associate Professor at Meharry Medical College, directs the National Center for Community Mapping. An expert in public participatory GIS, he's innovated web/mobile-based GIS for diverse social and environmental research. With vast experience in health data analysis, he's consulted internationally on participatory mapping and GIS applications, and founded Community Mapping Center. His teaches at Meharry include "Data Measurement" and "GIS in Public Health."