FOSS4G-Asia 2023 Seoul

The state of Asian web map localization with OpenStreetMap, Protomaps and MapLibre
11-30, 14:30–14:50 (Asia/Seoul), Vium Hall

The web browser is the most widely adopted open technology platform, and has powerful localization capabilities. For maps, however, these technologies can be inadequate. FOSS web map technology has often focused on commercial use cases in North America or Europe, and internationalization has not been a priority.

For FOSS4G Asia let’s take a high level tour of challenges that remain for Asian web mapping, including:

  • Data availability: the prevalence of localized data such as place names and tagging schemes in OpenStreetMap

  • Data preparation: Approaches to locale-specific vector tile generation using the Protomaps open source basemap generation tools

  • Map rendering: challenges for map display in Asian languages using Mapnik and MapLibre GL

We’ll look at specific examples of cartographic applications in CJK (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) locales, South Asia and Myanmar.

Creator of Protomaps and PMTiles open source vector mapping projects, OpenStreetMap tools developer based in Taiwan.