FOSS4G-Asia 2023 Seoul

Msilikale Msilanga

Msilikale Msilanga is Co-Chair of Geo4all for Africa and conference committee chair of Global FOSS4G. He has extensive experience working with FOSS software from his work with the World Bank since 2011. Currently transitioning to a researcher role, Msilanga focuses on community mapping, open data, and digital tools to better understand evidence-based decision-making.


Using open-source technologies and creative approaches to equip youth and young academic experts with geospatial data skills
Msilikale Msilanga

In this paper, we explore innovative and practical ways of equipping youth and young academic experts with skills related to effective data collection, curation, sharing, and visualization. We present a case study of Resilience Academy, a successful initiative implemented in Tanzania, to highlight the creative approaches used to teach these skills. Resilience Academy conducted a series of training sessions that employed community-led data collection, data visualization, and participatory mapping to engage youth and provide them with hands-on experience in the use of geospatial data. The initiative not only equipped the youth with practical skills but also empowered them as change agents who could address local challenges. This case study underscores the importance of providing creative and participatory approaches to teaching and learning geospatial skills to empower youth.

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