FOSS4G 2023

State of pgRouting
06-28, 16:00–16:30 (Europe/Tirane), Outdoor Stage

pgRouting is evolving rapidly, many changes have been taking place. Lets catch on.

The focus of this talk will be on the topology functions that were created on 2013, Its been 10 years, and its their time to go:
* Why "I" don't want to use them any more
* New specialized functionality has been created that substitute the work that the topology functions are doing in a very rustic way.
* A quick guide on how not to use the "soon to be deprecated topology functions"

Economist and Computer Scientist, pgRouting fan and developer.

Open Source Software advocate.

  • pgRouting project leader and developer since 2013 Including:
  • pgRouting,
  • pgRoutingLayers,
  • osm2pgRouting.
  • Google Summer of Code mentor since 2015
  • FOSS4G speaker since 2015
  • PSC member of OSGeoLive
  • PSC member of pgRouitng
  • PSC member of mobilityDB
  • Currently member of the Board of Directors of the OSGeo Foundation.