FOSS4G 2023

MapComponents for your React application
2023-06-28, 14:30–15:00 (Europe/Tirane), Drini

MapComonents is an open-source framework extending React for mapping applications. It can be used to develop browser-based applications that do not require any backend, as well as web clients that use an arbitrary number of backend services. MapComponents uses MapLibre for rendering, raster, and vector tiles.

It provides working defaults wherever possible enabling the usage with minimal parameters. At the same time, it exposes the entire MapLibre API allowing very granular control of the result where it is needed. Solutions for more complex and common requirements such as PDF export, a feature editor, layer tree, WMS loader, measure tools, or bookmarks are provided as ready-to-use and highly configurable drop-in components. Exotic requirements include the swipe tool, the magnifying glass that partially shows two synchronized MapLibre instances or components that render 3D meshes or

Layers on the map are covered by several components and example codes in our lab repository. It can be combined with a backend for managing a more extensive data set. In addition, it also works as a progressive web app offline with most functions. Creating dashboards and complex user interfaces that combine maps and diagrams MapComponents is more straightforward than traditional approaches, given the declarative nature of React and its vast ecosystem of existing components.

The presentation will show and explain an actual example and its function. MapComponents framework is available under the MIT license and developed by WhereGroup GmbH.

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GIS Expert working at WhereGroup in Germany. Mostly into Cartography and OpenStreetMap things. Contact

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