FOSS4G 2023

OGC API standards for geospatial data cubes
06-28, 11:00–11:30 (Europe/Tirane), UBT D / N112 - Second Floor

A presentation and demonstration of data cube functionality implemented based on OGC API Standards and draft Candidate Standards.


  • OGC API - Tiles,
  • OGC API - Maps,
  • OGC API - Coverages,
  • OGC API - Discrete Global Grid Systems,
  • OGC API - Processes - Part 1: Core, and Part 3: Workflows and Chaining ("Nested Processes", "Collection Input", "Collection Output"),
  • OGC Common Query Language (CQL2)

with a focus on providing efficient access to analysis-ready sentinel-2 data and additional processing close to the data, in the context of wildfire risk assessment.

Jérôme is founder and CTO of Ecere, designed the eC programming language, initiated the FOSS Ecere Cross-Platform SDK and GNOSIS geospatial software. Jérôme is an OSGeo charter member, co-chair of the Ottawa Local Chapter, OGC Styles & Symbology, OGC API – Tiles and OGC API - Coverages Standard Working Groups.

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