FOSS4G 2023

Mergin Maps: capture geo-data and share your QGIS projects with ease
06-30, 12:00–12:30 (Europe/Tirane), Mirusha

We show how Mergin Maps can be used in various real-world situations to use the power of QGIS ecosystem to speed up and effectively capture data in the field and reliably collaborate with your team. We will not dive into technical details, but focus more on general understanding of what can be done nowadays in the field of professional geo-data capturing.

Do you need to capture the location of plants or animals with your personal phone? Or distribute this task to a group of volunteers without need to train them? Or your company has a network of pipes or fiber cables, you use QGIS in the office for analysis and you want to use the same map as your colleagues on site? Are you fed up with using for such tasks a camera and MS Excel or even pen and paper? This talk can show you how others solve these challenges with Mergin Maps.

Mergin Maps is a free and open-source platform powered by QGIS rendering engine to capture and share geo-data with ease. It has been developed by Lutra Consulting since 2017 and it has served thousands of companies and individuals in full production for more than 2 years. It comes with Android, iOS apps that do not need any training to be used by the general public. Also a powerful server to store, version and collaborate on your QGIS projects.

Located in the Czech Republic, but 8 years a member of UK's consultancy company Lutra Consulting Ltd. fully based around FOSS4G (mostly QGIS and Mergin Maps). QGIS and Mergin Maps core developer, but more and more focusing to make Mergin Maps the platform you will love for daily use. Free time? Ideally spending time with family, doing sports, drinking good beer and playing chess.