FOSS4G 2023

Introduction to Coordinate Systems
06-29, 16:00–16:30 (Europe/Tirane), UBT D / N113 - Second Floor

Introduction to basic but important concepts about Coordinate Reference Systems (what is doable in 20 min ;)

  • Geographic Coordinate (Reference) Systems
  • Different Datums/Ellipsoids
  • Projections (Mercator, UTM, LCC, ...)
  • EPSG catalog
  • WKT (well known text) description
  • Reference to library

The purpose is to explain basic concepts to have a good basis to understand later more complex problems. The presentation will have a lot of links to go deeper into any area of interest.

Civil engineer and software developer (mainly C++). The last years I'm focused on GIS, contributing to PROJ and GDAL libraries.
Love old and nice maps.

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