FOSS4G 2023

Scaling GeoServer in the cloud: clustering state of the art
2023-06-29, 14:00–14:30 (Europe/Tirane), Lumbardhi

GeoServer deployments in the cloud and kubernetes are becoming the norm, while the amount of data published is also growing, both in terms of layers and size of data. As a result, the need for scaling up is becoming more and more common.

This presentation covers GeoServer clustering approaches, comparing the available options and their suitability to different environments. We will cover: * Managing the GeoServer configuration, stable configuration with planned upgrades versus dynamic runtime changes. * Deployment options (monolithic, separate tiling, microservice oriented) * Dynamic configuration clustering with JMS, external database storage, and distributed memory.

Attend this presentation to get an update on GeoServer cloud and clustering options, and pick the option that is the best match for your specific use case.

Open source enthusiast with strong experience in Java development and GIS. Personal interest range from high performance software, managing large data volumes, software testing and quality, spatial data analysis algorithms, map rendering.
Full time open source developer on GeoServer and GeoTools.
Received the Sol Katz's OSGeo award in 2017.

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