FOSS4G 2023

Training the future with FOSS4G
06-29, 14:30–15:00 (Europe/Tirane), UBT D / N113 - Second Floor

The use of free open source software is catching on and (at least) in Finland governmental institutions are making the big switch to open source software from other solutions. This opens up the need and possibility for training.

Training needs may differ from no previous training or knowledge to advanced GIS professionals so customising the training and exercises are important. Some might need to start with basic GIS and spatial information in general and continue to hands-on learning and multiple different exercises to help them learn the use of different tools and workflows in QGIS.
For more advanced users, training and helping with different programs for example GeoServer and QField or deepening the knowledge of different workflows such as visualisation or Python in QGIS are more in order.

FOSS4G has also been catching on and spreading in schools and universities. These new professionals that have used FOSS4G from the very beginning of their studies can be more efficient and skillful using these different programs. They may also demand more from the software and think of new ways to modify and perfect their workflows and produce new innovations. They can be a new and very important resource for developing different areas of FOSS4G.

Training new and more experienced professionals in FOSS4G is a very important step for implementing new tools and workflows into different industries and businesses. Training also works both ways, through discussion and hands-on exercises some new and interesting needs may emerge and those could be possible to develop further into new tools or plugins.

The more institutions, businesses and other users are interested in switching to FOSS4G, the more new opportunities and needs for different tools and working methods arise. This in turn helps to develop the software further.

GIS Specialist in Gispo Oy.