FOSS4G 2023

New lane-detailed OpenDRIVE datasets (HD maps) from Germany openly available
06-30, 11:30–11:35 (Europe/Tirane), UBT C / N111 - Second Floor

Various disciplines such as traffic simulations, driving simulations and applications in autonomous driving require highly detailed road network datasets. OpenDRIVE evolved as an open industry standard for modelling of lane-level road networks (HD maps). Acquiring such datasets is very expensive tough because it has to be done through mobile mapping in most cases. We want to introduce to the FOSS4G community two recently and openly published road network datasets from Brunswick ( and Wolfsburg ( Investment in both datasets has been funded by German authorities and covered more than 100.000 Euro. We will also give a short appetiser on how to use this data with free and open GIS tools.

See also: Presentation slides (2.2 MB)

Michael Scholz studied geoinformatics in Münster, Germany, and works as a researcher at the Institute of Transportation Systems of the German Aerospace Center since 2012. His daily work involves taming of heterogeneous geodata to be used in applications of driving simulation and autonomous driving, making OpenDRIVE a core component of his personality. He calls himself an Open Geodata and Open Source Evangelist and is keen on bringing the domains of GIS and transportation engineering closer together. Apart from that he likes to be roaming around on boundary-less gravel roads of far and foreign countries.

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