FOSS4G 2023

Synchronising data updates with Kart version control
06-28, 15:00–15:05 (Europe/Tirane), UBT C / N110 - Second Floor

Do you get regular data-drops from suppliers, and struggle with viewing changes between releases and keeping everything synchronised? In this talk we'll explain how from both a consumer and a publisher point of view you can use Kart to make your life easier.

We’re drowning in data, but the geospatial world lags badly behind in versioning tools compared to our software counterparts. Kart ( is solving this with a practical open tool for versioning datasets, enabling you to work more efficiently and collaborate better.

Kart allows you to quickly and easily manage history, branches, data schemas, and synchronisation for large & small datasets between different working copy formats, operating systems, and software ecosystems.

Modern version control unlocks efficient collaboration, both within teams and across organisations meaning everyone stays on the same page, you can review and trace changes easily: ultimately using your time more efficiently.

Robert is the head of technology of Koordinates and has been involved in geospatial for nearly twenty years. As well as Kart, he is also a contributor to GDAL and several other open source projects.

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