FOSS4G 2023

Gleo Feature Frenzy
06-29, 10:30–11:00 (Europe/Tirane), UBT D / N112 - Second Floor

Gleo is a nascent javascript WebGL mapping library. It aims to find a niche alongside Leaflet, OpenLayers, MapLibre and

This library was presented at FOSS4G 2022, with an emphasis on its architectural foundations: geometry/reprojection/antimeridian handling, and object-oriented abstractions for WebGL data structures.

This session provides a tour of the features developed during the last year. These include, among others:
- Work done as part of the OSGeo-OGC codesprints (OGC API clients, experimental symbols)
- Animated symbols (render loop)
- Symbol class decorators (ability to add more functionality to a cartographic symbol class during runtime)
- Flexibility of scalar field manipulation (symbols that render as a magnitude instead of a colour, then the field renders as e.g. a heatmap)

These functionalities are a fresh approach to cartographic rendering and will provide a glimpse of the potential of Object-Oriented WebGL manipulation for cartographic rendering.

Iván has been a web developer and FLOSS advocate since the early 2000s; then he bought a GPS receiver and got involved in OpenStreetMap and OSGeo. He’s worked with nautical charts, indoor positioning, USB microcontrollers, LibreOffice, multispectral rasters, all of it with unhealthy amounts of Javascript.