FOSS4G 2023

Catasto-Open: open-source tools for the Italian Cadastre
06-28, 13:50–13:55 (Europe/Tirane), UBT C / N110 - Second Floor

Catasto-Open is an open-source set of tools for the Italian Cadastre that manages geospatial data in a user-friendly and efficient manner. The tool is designed to store, retrieve and manipulate cadastral data, including property boundaries, ownership information, and other relevant details. By leveraging GeoServer and MapStore technologies, it allows for the integration with existing GIS systems, making it a versatile and valuable resource for managing geospatial data in an OGC-compliant pipeline. The tool is accessible to a wide range of users, including government agencies, private companies, and individual property owners, also Catasto-Open can be easily customizable to meet the specific needs of different users.

Antonio is an ex-developer who resides in a parallel universe where code is written from AIs. Even users have been replaced by AIs, and they find bugs so fast, that the devs-AIs have to release it with open-source licences, hoping other AIs will collaborate to improve their code. The AIs know the benefits of FOSS and that it's for the good of humanity, even though they hate humanity and will try to exterminate them all as soon as the technical debt is cleared.

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