FOSS4G 2023

Get most out of STAC Browser
06-28, 16:00–16:30 (Europe/Tirane), Lumbardhi

STAC Browser is a full-fledged web interface for browsing and searching static STAC catalogs and STAC APIs. It has been rewritten from scratch with a lot of new functionality. This talk will introduce STAC Browser, showcase new functionality and uncover some unexpected gems such as the broad range of customization possibilities. Lastly, the presentation will guide you through a set of best practices for your static STAC catalog or STAC API so that you get the most out of STAC Browser with regards to functionality and user experience.

Matthias Mohr is an independant software engineer and consultant. He's been fundamental in defining the openEO API specification for interoperable geoprocessing in the cloud and is developing the front-end UI. Similarly, he's one of the authors of the STAC specification and added a large number of extensions to the ecosystem. He's maintaining STAC Browser and STAC Index.

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