FOSS4G 2023

MobiDataLab - Building Bridges on the way for FAIR mobility data sharing
06-29, 14:30–15:00 (Europe/Tirane), UBT F / N212 - Floor 3

MobiDataLab is the EU-funded lab for prototyping new mobility data sharing solutions.
Our aim is to foster data sharing in the transport sector, providing mobility organising
authorities with recommendations on how to improve the value of their data,
contributing to the development of open tools in the cloud, and organising hackathons
aiming to find innovative solutions to concrete mobility problems.

Started in 2021, the project investigated mobility data and services and did grown an
open knowledge base about mobility data as one of the four main pillars of the project.
With the realization of tools and the combination of data and services in the Transport Cloud,
which is the second pillar of the project, a representative set of technical
"mobility data sharing enablers" has been grown.

In the second half of the project, these assets are being provided to the public.
The Virtual and Living Labs will host environments for mobility data stakeholders
to explore the state of the art for data, services and their interaction to solve
mobility data challenges. All aligned with the FAIR statement - making data and services
findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable.

The challenges are mainly based on a broad set of use-cases, defined by the core project group,
the reference group and external stakeholders. These challenges are the core of the Livind and
Virtual Labs, where participants building solutions for the given challenges and exploring new
opportunities with the shared mobility data and services.

With the feedback of the labs, our partners, the reference group and external stakeholders
- mobility data providers from public and private sector, municipalities,
governmental institutions, start-up communities and stakeholders from research and industry,
the project will make challenges transparent and remove barriers for data sharing.

Since the project started in February 2021, we will present our achievements
provide an outlook on the last mile of the project, where we are bringing the
tools on the road.

Further information on the project is available via and .

MobiDataLab is funded by the EU under the H2020 Research and Innovation Programme (grant agreement No 101006879).

Johannes Lauer is working as a Principal Technical Product Manager at HERE Technologies. He holds a PhD in GIScience from the University of Heidelberg. He works on topics about open (geo)data, map making, (spatial) data analysis and the challenges of data quality and data integration.

Software project leader (Dipl.Eng.) with a long experience in the design of web services, geodata APIs and web/mobile map applications. He is currently the Coordinator of the EU-funded project MobiDataLab (aiming to promote data sharing in the field of mobility), where he collaborates with researchers in the fields of geospatial technologies, journey planning applications, mobility data science, anonymisation and privacy. Based in Toulouse, France.