FOSS4G 2023

Creating a Peaceful and Profitable Society: FOSS4G and New Employment Opportunities
06-29, 09:00–09:30 (Europe/Tirane), Outdoor Stage

We will explore how Re:Earth as a digital public good could support a "Peaceful Profitable Society" and create new employment opportunities.
Re:Earth is an open source platform built around a geographic information system that digitally represents geospace and enables analysis and visualization of cities and regions. The use of such digital public goods offers opportunities to develop new ways of working and improve their own lives, especially for the socially vulnerable.

In particular, we will explore the potential for vulnerable populations, such as refugees and single mothers, to use Re:Earth to pave the way for self-empowerment. We will also delve into how digital public goods such as Re:Earth can impact society as a whole, especially how they can be a tool for the vulnerable to improve their own lives and contribute to the realization of a "society where peace is profitable".

This speech will provide insight into how such digital public goods can impact individual lives and society as a whole, and how they can help shape a "society where peace is profitable".