FOSS4G 2023

Lidar data processing, management and visualisation in a browser using Pointview
06-29, 14:30–15:00 (Europe/Tirane), Drini

Pointview is a product developed by IT34 for working with Lidar and Photogrammetry data. It gives the user the possibility to upload, process, visualize and work with data.

Lidar data formats such as LAS, LAZ, E57 can be uploaded, processed and visualized in the browser.

Photogrammetry: Images from drones or video from phones can be uploaded, processed into a 3d point cloud and visualized in a browser.

In addition, data can be captured using our SmartSurvey app that captures video which is used for building a 3d pointcloud, together with an ortophoto and dem. The data is later available for visualization in Pointview or in QGIS though a WFS service.

Moreover, the system offers a complete management system where the user can create projects for organizing the data, can share the data with other users and manage the access.

The system uses various data processing workflows for data processing based on open source components such as:
PostgresSql + Postgis for storing the data and for geometry based analysis.
OpenLayers for visualizing the images and ground control points results as rasters
Geoserver for publishing data as WMS/WFS,
QGis for visualizing data,
PDAL for lidar data processing,
GDAL for raster data processing,
CloudCompare for lidar data processing,
Potree for Data Visualization

Team Lead GIS and Data IT34 A/S

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