FOSS4G 2023

CesiumJS and OpenLayers for a metropolitan cooperation web platform based on the digital twin of Rennes Métropole.
06-29, 14:00–14:30 (Europe/Tirane), UBT C / N109 - Second Floor

In a context of digital transition and the increasing availability of urban data, Rennes Métropole wishes to better equip its decisions and public policies on the basis of data and cooperation.

Ultimately, the goal is to :
- Promote cooperation and the contribution of the actors of the territory, in particular the citizens
- "Enlighten" public decisions and policies, in particular the democratic, ecological and energy transition projects carried out by Rennes Métropole.

Issues of transparency, public service efficiency and cost control are also sought.

The metropolitan cooperation platform that is currently developed will consist of one or more tools based on the digital twin intended to equip public decisions and policies on the basis of data and cooperation.

The platform is developed partly on VC Map which is an Open-Source JavaScript framework and API for building dynamic and interactive maps on the web. It can display 2D data, oblique imagery and massive 3D data including terrain data, vector data, mesh models, and point clouds making it easy for users to explore and interact with the data in an integrated and high-performance map application. VC Map is built upon open, proven, and reliable GIS and web technologies such as OpenLayers and Cesium for the visualization of 2D and 3D geo-data.

A particular effort was made on the design in order to offer users, mainly citizens of Rennes Metropole, a pleasant user experience that allows an exploration of the development projects of the metropole in 2D and 3D.

We will present the cooperation platform through three use cases of interest for Rennes Metropole :

Solar Cadaster : Simulation of the photovoltaic production potential of the roofs and comparison with the energy consumption of the residents, the costs and the capacity of the network.

Linear transport systems : Mediation (including visualization) and consultation with citizens and communities for the implementation of a linear transport infrastructure

Exposure to electromagnetic waves : Visualization of exposure levels to electromagnetic waves (simulations and real and real measured values) as well as objects (radioelectric relays and sensors) on the territory of the City of Rennes.

Frederic Jacon is a Branch Manager and a Project Manager at Camptocamp since 2010. The Geospatial Solutions Department of Camptocamp is specialized in Open Source Geographic Information Systems. We help our customers leverage the most of geospatial data and being one step ahead in their most critical missions.

Software Developer at virtualcitySYSTEMS