FOSS4G 2023

Jan Suleiman

  • M.Sc. Geoinformatics
  • Full-Stack Developer at terrestris GmbH & Co. KG, Bonn, Germany
  • GeoStyler Core Developer


GeoStyler - One Tool for all Styles
Daniel Koch, Jan Suleiman

When it comes to styling of geodata many tools have their own solution: SLD, QGIS-Styles, OpenLayers-Styles, Leaflet, …

But what to do if you need to share the same style across different formats?
GeoStyler brings the solution. With its standalone parsers, nearly any (layer based) style can be converted from one format to another - from SLD to OpenLayers, QGIS, Mapfile, and vice versa.

On top of this, GeoStyler offers a library of React UI elements to easily create styles in your own WebGIS.

This talk will give an overview of possible use cases for GeoStyler, its latest developments such as the new layout and the support for expressions, as well as past and upcoming community events.

State of software
Visualizing Geospatial Data with Apache Superset
Jan Suleiman

Apache Superset is one of the most used no-code platforms for business intelligence. It allows for the exploration and visualization of data, from simple line charts to highly detailed geospatial charts, without the need for programming skills. These charts can be published on interactive dashboards to provide users with meaningful and up-to-date information. Currently, a plug-in for visualizing cartodiagrams is in development which is based on the OSGeo projects OpenLayers and GeoStyler. This plug-in gives users the ability to use any visualization of Superset within a geospatial context, so that e.g. simple pie charts or even complex location based timeseries can be displayed on a map. Thereby, Superset becomes a powerful tool for visualizing geospatial data.

This talk gives a brief overview of Superset and possible use cases while focussing on geospatial data.

Use cases & applications