FOSS4G 2023

Jonna Bosch

Since the beginning of this year I am working at GeoCat as trainer/consultant for publishing (meta)data and maps to GeoNetwork and GeoServer, directly or via Bridge for QGIS or ArcGIS.

I love (making) maps and working with geodata and I am always looking for special, new, or user-friendly perspectives. I like to share my experience, for example by participating in De Grote Geo Show (, helping around at a QGIS user conference or in this case present a session at Foss4g.

My main hobbies are music and graphic design. I play guitar and go to concerts, Roadburn festival. I like to drink a (local) special beer with friends or while enjoying a concert, movie or a (comic) book.


GeoNetwork Orientation and Demo
Jody Garnett, Jonna Bosch

Welcome to GeoNetwork and FOSS4G! GeoNetwork is a leading open-source web catalog for keeping track of the spatial information.

This is an orientation session, so if you are new to foss4g we can help explain how everything fits together, and how the pieces of the puzzle form a whole. If you are migrating from ESRI environment this is a critical talk to attend as open source technology is often presented in isolation.

Jody is an experienced open source developer, digging how this technology works. Jonna is part of the QGIS community looking how to successfully use GeoNetwork.

This presentation shares our findings and experience with you, and touches on what makes GeoNetwork succeed:

  • We look at what GeoNetwork is for, the business challenge it is faced with, and the amazing technical approach taken by the technology.
  • We will demo the the publishing workflow to see what is required, and look at how harvesting can jump start your catalog contents
  • We peek under the hood at how the editor works, and discover the central super-power of GeoNetwork
  • Look at examples of how GeoNetwork has been extended by organizations to see what is possible with this technology

GeoNetwork is an established technology - recognized as an OSGeo project and member of the foss4g community for over a decade. We would love to welcome you to the conference and share what this project has to offer.

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