FOSS4G 2022 general tracks

MobiDataLab - Labs for prototyping future mobility data sharing solutions
2022-08-25, 12:30–13:00 (Europe/Rome), Auditorium

MobiDataLab is the EU-funded lab for prototyping new mobility data sharing solutions.
Our aim is to foster data sharing in the transport sector, providing mobility organising authorities with recommendations on how to improve the value of their data, contributing to the development of open tools in the cloud, and organising hackathons aiming to find innovative solutions to concrete mobility problems.

The project consists of following main pillars:

1) Open Knowledge Base
... a portal about open mobility data which provides informations about about
practices and solutions related to legal and regulatory (s.a. licenses), governance,
data privacy, technical standards (for data interoperability and accessibility),
and challenges for actors in the mobility domain.

2) Transport Cloud
... a cloud-based prototype platform for sharing mobility data. It facilitate users by
several tool components to find, use and interact with mobility data in an open, interoperable
and privacy-preserving way.

3) Living and Virtual Labs
... are the environments for the project to interact with the reference group (mobility data providers and users),
b2b and endusers (s.a. data innovators, solution providers and further stakeholders in the mobility domain) to get
feedback on challenges and missing pieces in the mobility data and services assets. A set of mobility use-cases,
set-up by the project stakeholders and the reference group will help to trigger practical execution, innovation,
and further ideas within the labs.

4) Socio-economic impact
... identifies the the current best practices in data sharing, analyses the market potential and elaborates new
data sharing services and business models on that.

With the heterogeneous experts project group, we are facing the challenge of mobility data sharing from different perspectives - research, privacy, data, mobility solutions, open data, services, ... .
A close work with a large reference group (which is representing several mobility data providers - e.g. from the public and private sector and actors, s.a. start-up communities) and the implementation of virtual and living labs allows to get early real world feedback and help to identify challenges in interoperability and missing standards as well as findable and available data, conflicting licenses, accessibility and usability of data and services.

Since the project started in February 2022, we will present the mid-term achievments and
provide an outlook on the second part of the project.

Further information on the project is available via

MobiDataLab is funded by the EU under the H2020 Research and Innovation Programme (grant agreement No 101006879).

Johannes Lauer is working as a Principal Technical Product Manager at HERE Technologies. He holds a PhD in GIScience from the University of Heidelberg. He works on topics about open (geo)data, map making, (spatial) data analysis and the challenges of data quality and data integration.