FOSS4G 2022 general tracks

Open Tech Collective: sharing HOT's journey
2022-08-26, 14:45–15:15 (Europe/Rome), Room 9

At the beginning of 2022, HOT_tech started a collaboration with Kathmandu Living Labs on the Tasking Manager. This followed our ambition to facilitate an open collaborative process in building and improving our open source technology by forming a ‘collective’. The idea of a ‘collective’ is to bring people with shared purpose together on shared ground to achieve a shared goal. A lot to be shared! In this context the shared goal is the development of the Tasking Manager.

Our vision is for creating with, for, and by the community for making the product more impact-driven and user friendly. The Tasking Manager has proven itself over the years to be not just a software but a platform to bring the different individuals, communities, organizations who share a common goal towards not only humanitarian effort and crisis response but identifying local resources and needs through mapping and data. So whether you are a mapper, a validator, a designer or an open source developer with an interest in the Tasking Manager, you can join the collective.

During this talk we will share our journey in building the collective. You will hear an open and honest reflection on what worked, what didn’t work, what we have learned and what we hope to do going forward. We want this talk at FOSS4G to open a conversation with other open source and geospatial communities on best ways for designing, creating and implementing open, diverse and inclusive spaces for thriving and healthy collectives and communities.

Joined the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team in February 2022 as an Open Tech Collective Facilitator. I am really passionate about the impact of open mapping and using technology as the enabler for people in supporting their communities. My key focus is to build and grow a dynamic collective of open tech contributors from around the world, starting with the HOT Tasking Manager!
Twitter: @PKangalova

Ichchha is a Tech & Innovation Lead at KLL whose loves mobile app design & development. She has been involved in building various apps around eCommerce, online learning platforms to map-centric apps helping people make decisions during emergencies and provide critical infrastructure information. However, her recent interest lies in exploring strategies and tactics to emphasize the value of delivering user expectations on a software project.

She graduated with a bachelor's in CSIT from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. She also served as Vice-Secretary of the Women Leaders in Technology organization for 2019–21 as she loves to support initiatives in bringing more women into the tech industry.

Now, she is leading the KLL team as a project coordinator in the HOT Tasking Manager tech_collective. After the journey began in Feb 2022, a lot of things happened. With the community's continued support, she looks forward to exciting updates in the future.