FOSS4G 2022 general tracks

Aggregating risk with H3 and PostGIS
08-25, 09:00–09:30 (Europe/Rome), Room 9

In this talk we will look at how PostGIS and Uber's H3 index can be used for aggregating large amounts of data, in our case property insurance risk, in real-time. We will explore a number of different techniques from the H3 PostGIS extension generating GeoJSON, to generating MVTs from the database to pre-caching the H3 index and painting a vector tile layer client side. For our client side layer will use a React JS interface, Maplibre and will also look at Deck.GL for more advanced use cases. We will discuss how the stack can be deployed using a serverless architecture running on AWS Lambda and Aurora Serverless Postgres.

This talk requires no prior knowledge however some experience with PostGIS and vector tiles will be useful. You will learn techniques which can be applied to any problem domain where there is the need to work with data volumes where processing individual points would not be practical.

Mark Varley is the founder and CEO of Addresscloud, a leading UK provider of geocoding and geographic risk services to the insurance, lending, surveying and logistics industry. Mark is a charter member of OSGeo, has presented at every FOSS4G since Bonn 2016 and is a strong advocate of serverless geospatial computing.