FOSS4G 2022 general tracks

Introduction to Spatial Data Outputs Platform - OpenStreetMap Galaxy
2022-08-24, 16:15–16:45 (Europe/Rome), Modulo 0

OpenStreetMap (OSM) Galaxy is a project that the HOT Tech Team launched in mid-April 2021 to optimise and improve availability and accessibility of OSM Data outputs for different user groups within the ecosystem. Through this project, we strive to address all the OSM data needs under one umbrella and ensure OSM data is available, accessible and ready to use for all kinds of users. We are trying to solve the high dependency on different data sources and uncontrolled platforms while focusing on fast queries and process optimisation by accessing data from HOT administered and controlled environment.

As a one-liner, the vision for OSM Galaxy is to provide a single platform to address all OSM Data Needs.
In OSM context, a data need is a broad term covering a variety of topics:
Raw data exports
Analysing completeness of Data
Checking the data quality in your neighbourhood
Understanding your contribution to a mapathon, to name a few

Through this project we strive to:
Bring together all the data needs under one umbrella
Ensure OSM data is available, accessible and ready to use for all kinds of users

Ramya is a techie, interested in products and actively involved in open-source space. She is currently working on building open-source products for a humanitarian organization. Ramya has been supporting OpenStreetMap since 2015, takes part in building a data for good community and likes fun maps, taking GPS traces, and photographic records of her travels.