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Erik Meerburg

Founded the Geo Academie, based a strong belief that education in geo-information is more than ‘knowing which buttons to push’. Sees developments like open source software and crowdmapping as the most promising in years and recognizes the challenge that it provides to traditional geo-information science. Currently employed by B3Partners, aiming with them to change the world of geo by changing to open. Promotor of QGIS and opensource mapping platforms (Tailormap!). Organizer of the late (only?) Maptime Summercamp @GeoFort. Did voluntary work for MissingMaps. Rotarian. Husband, father, cat owner. Guitar and upright bass player. Quite forgetful.

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From a national map publication platform to infinity. And beyond, of course.
Erik Meerburg

For over a decade, there has been an open source map publication platform in the Netherlands, known as Tailormap (formerly Flamingo). That project is maintained largely by one company, B3Partners. Currently, Tailormap is being overhauled. Nah, not overhauled, I’d say completely rebuild. And this rebuild comes with a new approach on how to distribute this software project, and how to make it accessible to other developers to contribute, to organizations to roll out independently, and to other companies to use in their customer solutions.

What we aim for in the long run is an online geospatial platform that is easy to use for all. For now, we publish an easy to install online GIS and mapviewing application, with features like mobile editing capabilities so that it can be used for maintenance purposes as well as for data dissemination. And here, at the FOSS4G in Firenze, we will celebrate this with our international launch presentation (and party in a not yet disclosed bar).

We’d like to invite you to join us in this journey. We’re extremely happy to have been able to start this development without outside funding, and we’re looking for partners to grow Tailormap together. We’re currently looking into the OSGeo Community project program, to see if we can join. We’ll be at the B2B meeting as well, but this presentation is where we’ll show the goodies.

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