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Benjamin Webb


Introducing WIS 2.0 in a box: an open source and open standards platform for international weather, climate and water data discovery, access, and visualization
Tom Kralidis, Benjamin Webb, David Berry

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Information System (WIS) is a coordinated global infrastructure responsible for telecommunications and data management functions and is owned and operated by WMO Members.

WIS 2.0 will provide users with seamless access to diverse information from a wide range of sources and will enable weather, water and climate information to be related to socioeconomic and other contexts. Through an open ecosystem of tools, applications and services, WIS 2.0 will allow all information providers to manage, publish and share their data, products and services, and will allow all users to develop value-added services and new products.

The WIS 2.0 principles highlight and promote the value of standards, interoperability and the Web/mass market. This will extend the reach of weather/climate/water data for a number of societal benefits.

WIS 2.0 is being designed to have a low barrier to entry for data providers. This will also result in enabling infrastructure and provide great benefit for less developed countries (LDCs). There is a strong motivation to provide LDCs easy to use tools and sustainable workflow for data exchange to 1./ ease the burden of exchanging data 2./ continue to provide valuable weather/climate/water data in WIS 2.0 over time.

The WIS 2.0 in a box (wis2box) project enables LDCs free and open source onboarding technology to integrate their data holdings and publish them to WIS 2.0 in a manner consistent with the architecture for plug and play capability, supporting discovery, access and visualization.

This presentation will provide an overview of the project and current capabilities highlighting the use of numerous FOSS4G tools and PubSub driven implementation of OGC API standards.

Use cases & applications
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